Semi Pro Rig Kit (6m)

This is our Semi pro kit and our most popular kit with Amateur photographers and car enthusiasts.


The kit comprises of:


Semi Pro Carbon Fibre Boom1 x 6.0m Semi Pro Carbon Fibre Boom.

4 x sections, each section of the boom is 1.5m length plus a 200mm internal sleeve making it 1.7m in length.
The boom is 54mm in diameter. 2.0mm wall thickness with multiple carbon fibre layers to make this the stiffest semi pro boom available on the market today.

 At 6.0m the semi pro rig will easily support most Dslr format camera's and suitable focal length lens when combined with the stabilizer spar kit making the Car Camera Rig Semi Pro Rig 'The' go to enthusiast rig available. The mounting harware is the exact same hardware used in the Pro rigs for your complete confidence.


car camera rig 6" vacuum cup inc swivel adapter


2 x Pro Mount Vacuum Cups inc 16mm Swivel Adapter.

(each cup provides 32kg's load rating and has a 3\8" threaded fitting).
!! Please note these are not the same as the manfrotto 241 pump cup or F1000 with a 2kg load rating !! The forces generated from using a long rig cause the 2kg load rated cups to fail damaging your camera, rig and car! It is just not worth taking the risk.


Heavy Duty Baby Pin Extension Bar1 x 6" Heavy Duty Baby Pin Extension Bar.

1 x 3" Heavy Duty Baby Pin Extension Bar.

(5/8"/16mm pin to 38" female thread, this is a seriously heavy duty bar at 20mm at its base). Can be added to vacuum cups or camera bracket.


car camera rig super clamp


3 x 20kg Super Clamps.

New upgraded super clamps with 20kg load rating, that's 5kg's more than before!

13mm-55mm clamps for clamping onto the boom.


Double Ball Joint Camera Bracket


1 x Double Ball Joint Camera Bracket.

The smallest and lightest camera mount available, attach a female spigot adapter allowing you to add various length extension bars giving you more mounting postions.


car camera rig fabri bag1 x rollup Carry Bag.

Ballistic nylon fabric bag with tube pockets to carry, store and protect the car camera rig boom sections. Holds upto 6 seperate boom sections.

Dimensions (LxW):

175cm x 60cm (laid flat) | Internal sleeve diameter 5.5cm x 6.

stabilizer spar kit 

1 x stabilizer spar kit.

(comes complete with carbon fibre spar and dyneema line with stainless steel spring clips).

1 x Velcro kit.

The velcro is a non destructive, extra piece of mind solution and helps with boom section rotation.


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