Heavy Duty Baby Swivel Adapter.

Car Camera Rig Baby Swivel Adapter

Car Camera Rig Swivel Adapter


The Car Camera Rig Heavy Duty Baby Swivel Adapter 5/8 16mm.

Fits directly on to the 6" 150mm or 3" 75mm Heavy Duty Baby Pin Extension Bars.

Ideally used to help overcome awkward angles and boom mounting positions while setting up your

Car Camera Rig Kit.

Find a rig that's right for you.

No matter which rig you choose, it's fully customizable and upgradable at any time!

Manufactured to Exact Specifications


Mount to any Vehicle

High stiffness and strength
Hand Rolled Bespoke Carbon Fibre
Extendable from 1.5 meters to 9 meters

Quick and Simple to Deploy

Quickest and Easiest System to Setup
Internally Sleeved Sections
Velcro Fastening System

Flexible, configurable mountings

Industry Standard Fittings and Threads

Water and Weather Proof

Maintenance Free


High Performance
Maximum Stability
Stabilizer System Included

Low cost

High Return on Investment

Easier Workflow

Small Footprint for Easy Rig Removal in Post Processing and Retouching


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