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What do i need to know to do this car rigging thing then...

Q, How much will this thing cost me?

A, This depends on what you would like your end results to look like, to understand then. The greater the distance between the car and the camera the less car distortion will be created by the lens, with a short car to camera distance you will need a wide lens which inherently distorts the image to make it fit or squeeze more into the frame. It is desirable to have a good mix of landscape real estate say 30% car - 70% landscape in your image.

As a rule you can work on the following to determine which kit will be right for you:

  • 3m rig length - 12mm focal length (1.5m - 2m camera - car distance)
  • 4.5m rig length - 16mm focal length (2.5m - 3m camera - car distance)
  • 6m rig length - 20mm focal length (4m - 4.5m camera - car distance)
  • 7.5m rig length - 24mm focal length (5.5m - 6m camera - car distance)
  • 9m rig length - 35mm focal length (7m - 7.5m camera - car distance)

So you can test the focal length of the lens you intend to use by framing up a picture with your camera and measure the distance between the camera and car, as a rule of thumb you add aprox 2m to this measurement for the part of the rig that will be attached to the car.

Q, How do i know which one to order then?

A, The rig kits are laid out in the online store in the length and size of the different kits, armed with the information from measuring the camera to car distance and looking at the reccomended kit length for your lens you can easily make the correct choice.

Q, Once i get my rig how will i figure out how to set it up?

A, We have lots of video's and animations showing you how to indentify the parts and how to assemble the rig, the easiest is to refer to the animation that got you here. Every client gets 12 months support on setup and techniquess so you know we got you covered.

Q, How do i make the rig dissapear from the image?

A, You need to use a photo editing suite or software, the process is very easy and you get better and better very quickly each time you do it. The process is as simple as "cloning or copying" parts of the image over the top of the pole that is visible in the image. The tool within the software is called the clone stamp tool, you can just think of it as a copy & paste tool.

There are free programs like "Gimp" and paid versions like "Photoshop" and "Affinity photo" There are many more available to choose from but these are a great place to start.

Q, I live in a different country, can you ship to me?

A, Yes we ship worldwide using the FedEx carrier, with shipping times from 1 day - 5 days depending where in the world.


Find a rig that's right for you.

No matter which rig you choose, it's fully customizable and upgradable at any time!

Manufactured to Exact Specifications


Mount to any Vehicle

High stiffness and strength
Hand Rolled Bespoke Carbon Fibre
Extendable from 1.5 meters to 9 meters

Quick and Simple to Deploy

Quickest and Easiest System to Setup
Internally Sleeved Sections
Velcro Fastening System

Flexible, configurable mountings

Industry Standard Fittings and Threads

Water and Weather Proof

Maintenance Free


High Performance
Maximum Stability
Stabilizer System Included

Low cost

High Return on Investment

Easier Workflow

Small Footprint for Easy Rig Removal in Post Processing and Retouching


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