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Carbon Fibre car rig boom joint

At the core of Car Camera Rig is the carbon fibre booms, why?

Simply put carbon fibre tubes are less than half the weight of aluminum tubing and at least twice as stiff....




That means it's lighter to lug around and you will spend less time fiddling about with the rig bouncing around and more time spent getting creative. Carbon fibre is also much much lighter and much stiffer than steel but is not as strong, so we strongly suggest you dont use steel booms in fear of deforming a cars panels !!


carbon fibre stabilzer spar

Carbon fibre is also much lighter and much stronger than titanium or fiberglass. All of the products stocked have been selected as 'Best Available' on the market today.


As a photographer professional and keen amateur alike, you need the confidence and peace of mind knowing your Car Camera Rig wont fail when you need it most....