Carbon Fibre Car Camera Rig Kits

Car Camera Rig is your one stop shop for your Carbon Fibre Automotive Rig Kits and accessories.

car camera rig 9m carbon fibre rig

A Car Camera Rig or Automotive rig is a tool often used in automotive photography that attaches to a vehicle allowing you to photograph a motion shot taken with a Dslr camera attached to the end of the rig.

The results of doing an automotive rig shot are epic!

The camera rig mounted to the car moves at the same speed as the car, giving the image a high speed motion blurring to the foreground, background and wheels while keeping the bodywork of the car in sharp focus.

DSC 0288-2At the core of Car Camera Rig is the carbon fibre boom and its accessorires, why?
Simply put carbon fibre tubes are less than half the weight of aluminum tubing and at least twice as stiff....Allowing you the photographer to shoot more exotic cars that would be damaged by much heavier alluminium rigs! Not to mention the huge cost savings when traveling to shoots or assignments involving travel and flights.
Typically an aluminium car rig will weigh anything upto around 30kgs, whereas our carbon fibre car rig weighs in at less then 3.5 kgs which is almost 10 times lighter!

Car camera rigs vacuum cup mounts are also far superior in that the load ratings are over ten times that of other mounts available elsewhere.